My experience

I have always had a passion for keeping people active and helping them to maintain their health. One of my greatest joys is to see how my new clients, some with injuries, improve their mobility so quickly. I have a few mantras but the main one is we all have to keep moving every day. Get off the sofa!

My belief in Pilates began after I struggled with my own back issues having had two children, I have to say I was a bit sceptical about Pilates at first. But, honestly by practising the movements, it meant I could be a full-time mum and continue in the active teaching role that I loved.

I first qualified with YMCA Fitness and Personal Training at the age of 19. Armed with my qualification and with the support of Liz Brandon, I taught aerobics at Arena Fitness for many years. My time as a semi-professional dancer from the ages of 16 to 18 helped me to develop lots of varied creative sequences for my classes.

In 2008, I trained in Stott Pilates to Level 2. This qualification means I can teach mat and equipment-based Pilates at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels on a one-to-one basis or in group sessions. I have continued to keep abreast of the developments in Pilates by attending regular courses. I am fascinated how the techniques have changed, for example how pattern work helps to re-pattern the neuromuscular system for optimal health.

I now have a range of beginner to intermediate classes in West Oxfordshire. Some of my clients’ mobility (in their 70s to 90s), amazes me.  All of my classes are rewarding but it’s extra special to see how much more mobile the people in my MS Pilates Class have become.

If you would prefer a personal coach or have a group of friends who would like to create their own Pilates group, just ask. It’s never too late to start Pilates, so do get in touch and give it a go.

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